Hired another incredible engineer, welcome Kori!
Hired a new incredible engineer, welcome Brian!
QA’ed our iOS TestFlight build
Working on our technical roadmap for 2022
Finally got the new bike out for some great rides in NYC
Hired an engineer, welcome Pete Hawkins!
Hired an engineer, welcome Bryan Powell!
Just hired our new head of machine learning, welcome Delip!
So cool to see us flip a SAAS company to do consumer and create the next professional network and now be raising our series A with a16z https://a16z.com/2021/08/05/investing-in-polywork/
Hired a lead iOS engineer. Welcome Dylan!
Making my first post from the new iOS TestFlight app
Just launched Polywork v2 for iOS on Testflight. Using Turbo we've been able to launch a sliced up progressive web app in less than 2 weeks and minimal work in iOS that's still being compiled in Xc...
Released the v1 of our iOS app Testflight using Rails, Turbo, and Turbo iOS adapter to get a PWA out of the box. Really cool being able to easily slice up an app and choose what you want to keep in...
Finished creating metrics dashboards in Data Studio for internal and investors
Made our newest engineering hire. Welcome Suyesh!
Got Heap Connect piping all of our analytics into BigQuery so we can answer any data questions, even retroactively
Hiring a Senior Rails Engineer and Frontend Engineer as we're starting to grow the team
After a large rapidly growing tumor was found above the roof of my mouth, many dentist, doctor, and hospital visits and many types of scans, my tests came back negative for cancer and were able to ...
Just launched our first community based feed with https://polywork.com/universe !
Just launched our coolest animated landing page yet for Polywork. https://www.polywork.com
Managed to scale to 350 users simultaneously with under a 200 ms average response time for this first soft launch running Rails 6 and Turbo
Created AuburnNotes.com, an online test bank for Auburn which enabled all students to get access to private test banks which previously only certain clubs, fraternities and sororities had access to
Started a new job at Polywork
Released v2 of our first automated setup for making your polywork profile tie to your own custom domain.
Debugging DNS records and custom domains
Celebrating my one year remote polyversary
Investigating bringing animation in to Polywork via javascript and async image sprites rather than traditional GIFs
Researching possible scalable solutions for vanity domains / custom URLs for Polywork profiles
Released a v1 of custom domains for polywork profiles. Feel free to check mine out at www.chpolk.com
Spoke and gave an interview for Hyundai's innovations series
YEMOJI becomes one of the first critically claimed celebrity emoji keyboards and is mentioned in COMPLEX (the rap magazine) and Wired after making app of the day in Mashable https://www.complex.com...
Made it to #1 on Hacker News (https://news.ycombinator.com) for UX Archive
Worked on a project which was supporting work being done by my professor in mesh networking so that multiple autonomous UAV's could be controlled by this piece of software and communicate over zigb...
Designed and built the web app (jRuby on Rails / Torquebox), API, iOS app (RubyMotion), and natural language parsing backend which hooked into twitter's streaming API to determine location and sent...
Built out an MVP web app for a product called Industrialist which helps industrial designers share quality manufacturing contacts to help the process of making quality physical products using Rails...
Designed the logo, branding, and built an iOS app for a concept called enroute which was an iOS app which helped you plan out your trip (while in a cab) and see local deals which were available aro...
Moved to Auburn, AL
Contracted by Hyundai's creative labs to brainstorm, PM, design, and build an API and iOS app for a concept of a feed of beauty products which was personalized to your type of skin, shade of skin
Won the world's largest Hackathon (at the time) at LAUNCH conference in San Francisco for Gempad which was an app that allowed you have macro shortcuts for your Mac as buttons on your phone (like a...
Grew out an engineering team from 1-12 in less than a year to quip's $160M valuation at Series A
Newsle Acquired by Linkedin https://techcrunch.com/2014/07/14/linkedin-acquires-newsle-to-deliver-more-relevant-news-about-your-connections/
Worked on and developed Newsle's first iOS app to create an experience about learning about when your friends and connections make it in the news with RubyMotion. This came out right when iOS 7 was...
Moved to New York, NY
Moved to Athens, AL
Wrote my first C++ program after my dad who was teaching a programming course at a local community college challenged me to do the homework problems he had written
Changed my major from Pre-Pharmacy to Computer Science since I realized I had been around computers my whole life and I just happened to have been writing C++ when I was 12
Began college at Auburn University with a major in Pre-Pharmacy
Graduated High School from Athens High School in Athens, AL
Moved to San Francisco, California
Created a proposal for creating RESTful services which could be served from ADTRAN telecom equipment which would power the web interface used to control the equipment
Graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelors of Computer Science
Worked on an open source Medical Imaging Toolkit (MITK) and created a module displaying data from a time of flight camera which basically enabled the removal of cancerous tumors without the user of...
Born in Huntsville, AL
Launched Gboard, one of Google's first iOS apps and new products in an iOS first company wide initiative as a UX engineer where I was designing and prototyping new concepts for the product. Gboard ...
Caviar acquired by Square for 90M https://techcrunch.com/2014/08/04/its-official-square-acquires-food-delivery-service-caviar/?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referr...
quip gets featured as TIME's top 25 inventions of 2016 https://getquip.com
Created and launched iOS and Android apps for quipcare, quip's booking and insurance platform for oral health care
Wrote and launched quip as the sole developer. Created subscription payment service before Stripe had developed this for physical products. https://getquip.com
Launched YEMOJI, the first critically acclaimed celebrity emoji keyboard on iOS. Made it to top 10 Utility app and top 200 overall in the U.S. App Store. Made it as Mashable's app of the day and ev...
Rewrote from scratch and relaunched Polywork using Ruby on Rails 6.1 and Turbo in less than 2 months. More to come soon!
Relaunched UX Archive thanks to Waldo which highlights some of the best mobile user flows based on task https://uxarchive.com
Helped launch UX Archive, one of the largest UX / Design resources which helps showcase the best flows from mobile apps which are grouped on tasks. https://uxarchive.com
Won two Webbys for Best User Experience for a Web/Mobile app and Best Overall Utility App with Gboard https://winners.webbyawards.com/2017/apps-mobile-and-voice/apps-mobile-features/best-user-exper...
Currently scoping out how we can use real time web with Action cable in our web app.
Rewrote and redesigned Rails web app from scratch https://trycaviar.com